Butchery Norcineria Il Casale de li Tappi in Norcia

of Alessandro Salvatori The farm Casale de li Tappi aims at the distribution of local products. Following the traditions of Norcia, that helped people learning a job, we only breed and butcher selected meats on ALL OUR PRODUCTS. In order to offer a high quality product, highlighting potential allergens, we do not use lactose, dairy, colorants or gluten. In our fields we produce legumes and cereals that are sold both in our shop and at the meetings organized weekly by CAMPAGNA AMICA in Italy. If you are interested in visiting our shop, if you want to get to know our farm, in small groups or classes, contact us. Thanks to the FATTORIA DIDATTICA (teaching farm) we can arrange live demonstrations of the art of Norcineria and you can be in very close contact with the black belted pig, semi-wild bred. An old family saying goes like this: Sale, pepe e ciccia, ecco fatta la salsiccia. (Salt, pepper and meat, that’s the sausage you eat).

The Norcineria

In our shop you can find the typical products of Norcia’s tradition. In the butcher shop we organize tours to have a closer look to the handmade production of our meats. You can taste all kind of specialties of this ancient art, the semi-wild pork of Norcia and the Italian pink pork.

The butchery

Our butchery arises in 1980 thanks to Mario Salvatori e Gabriella, it was a family-run business from producer to consumer, aiming at the production of meat and local products of Norcia. Since 2014 the business expanded and nowadays it’s managed by their son Alessandro, who continues the working methods passed down to him from generation to generation

The plantation

Our company brings to market several local products from our farm, such as IGP lentils of Castelluccio, the roveja, several types of beans, the cicerchia (grass pea), local spelt and legumes, who are always an integral part of these territories.